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A total PIP Solution providing accounting, legal and mediation services

Debtors who are insolvent and burdened by the enormity of their financial debt situation, require the best possible support from our experienced team. We offer services to help you. Contact us today to make your fresh start!

  • Personal Insolvency Arrangement(PIA) – Covers unsecured debts and secured debts(mortgages). Usually includes staying in the family home, restructuring/partial write down of your mortgage, and making one monthly payment that you can afford in respect of your other debts for a period of time, usually 6 years, with the balance then written off.
  • Debt Settlement Arrangement(DSA) – Covers unsecured debts such as loans, overdrafts, and credit cards. One monthly payment that you can afford will go towards your debts for a period of time, usually 5 years, with the balance then written off.
  • Bankruptcy – If a DSA or PIA are not suitable and your debts are greater than €20,000, this may be the appropriate solution for you.
  • Informal debt solution & Mediation  – In cases where the above solutions are not appropriate, we can provide access to mediated or informal debt solutions.

PIP Solutions


After making initial contact we will arrange to meet with you and assist you to prepare a prescribed financial statement.

Based on your circumstances we will advise on the best course of action.

If a PIA/DSA is suitable we will apply for a protective cert on your behalf which gives protection from your creditors for at least 70 days. During this time we will work with your creditors to formulate an arrangement.

If the arrangement is approved by creditors it will be sent to the court & ISI for final approval and then becomes legally binding. If it is not approved by creditors an appeal may be possible.


We are qualified chartered accountants


We can provide access to legal services and advice


We can provide informal or mediated debt solutions


All insolvency services under one roof